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Association for the Study and Preservation of Roman Mosaics
The design, construction and building sites for Roman mosaics in Britain. Articles on the relationship between mosaics and art, architecture, religion and history.

Adam Begley Mosaic Design
Traverse City mosaic artist creations for artwork or home design.

Andersen Studios
Architectural ceramics and mosaic artifacts, inspired by the gaden and designed for durability. Created in the Seattle studio of Bruce and Shannon Kelly Andersen.

Mosaic Tile Guide
Everything you need to know about making mosaics! Tiles and tesserae, grout, how-to guides and more. Learn how to make your own mosaic art and craft masterpieces!

Mozaic Designs
Mosaic Art, Fun Magnets, and Unique Push Pins for you, your family and friends. All handcrafted from an array of materials.

Happycraftn's Mosaic Supplies
They sell a wide variety of stained glass, color/pattern mirror, Van Gogh glass, millefiori, beads, glue, grout, tools, and soon..vitreous tiles. Their exclusive millefiori gems and molded border tiles are found no where else! Also..introducing windchime supplies.

Robin Lowe Mosaic
Contemporary stained glass mosaics for the home including lamps, wall hangings and installations. High quality, unique, original designs handmade in Vancouver Canada.

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